Sponsoring a Kiddush or Reception

Sponsoring a Kiddush at T&V

We are delighted that you would like to sponsor (or co-sponsor) a Saturday Kiddush at T&V. Kiddush on Shabbat is a vital part of our communal life. Kiddush nourishes us on many levels beyond the obvious- it gives people time to relax, meet each other and catch up after services on the week’s happenings. It’s also a wonderful way to celebrate simchas (happy occasions) with each other. As you know, the synagogue relies on donations to the Kiddush Fund and sponsors like you to keep this important tradition alive. So thank you for your support.

First, please contact our executive director at execdirector@tandv.org or 212. 677. 8090 x20 to confirm the Kiddush date and then get in touch with Cheryl Gross, our Catering Manager at simchacatering@tandv.org who will be happy to assist you in planning the event.
For Bat/r Mitzvah kiddush planning, please contact the executive director and Cheryl at least 3 months ahead of time to discuss options.

**If you’re having a simcha and would like to work out a special financial arrangement, please don’t hesitate to contact our executive director, who will gladly help you figure it out.
We offer four types of Kiddushes which members are invited to sponsor:

1. Basic Kiddush (prepared & served by T&V kitchen staff)

2. Enhanced Kiddush (prepared & served by T&V kitchen staff)

  • Party Option (cake & ice cream added to either Basic or Enhanced Kiddush)

3. Catered Kiddush (outside caterer with servers, supported by our kitchen staff)

4. DIY Kiddush (you purchase/ deliver food & all supplies, prepared & served by our kitchen staff)


1. Basic Kiddush:  $550 (serves 125 people*- typical Shabbat attendance)

  • Challahs (2)
  • Wine for Kiddush
  • Vegetable crudités & olives or salad
  • Fresh fruit
  • Rolls (or pita) and rice cakes
  • Tuna salad
  • Egg salad
  • Hummus
  • Cookies
  • Coffee, tea and soda.
  • Paper goods, tablecloths and plastic ware

*Ten additional guests beyond our basic 125 Shabbat attendees increases the Kiddush cost by $50. If you are inviting additional guests to shul for your simcha, please remember to include them in your estimate and planning.

2. Enhanced Kiddush:  $1000 (serves 150 people* – assumes 25 guests)

Same as the Basic Kiddush (above) PLUS:

  • Lox
  • Mini bagels  – no rolls
  • Cream cheese
  • Whitefish salad
  • Kugels (6) – 9 x 12 pans

If you are expecting more than 25 guests, you are asked to either have the kiddush catered or do a DIY Kiddush (see below).

If you’d like to order something else, in addition to the food that comes with these two homemade Kiddush options, you are free to do so and have it delivered to shul. Please pay for that directly. Just let Cheryl and Esther know what you’ve ordered and when it will be delivered.



You may be interested in sharing a simcha with a friend or share the day with another sponsor whose simcha is on the same day. A Basic Kiddush will cost each co-sponsor $300 and an Enhanced Kiddush will cost each co-sponsor $600. If you’d like to share the costs of catering, please make these arrangements directly with the other sponsor and keep Cheryl and Esther informed of the plan.

Party Option You may add cake and ice cream to either “home-made” kiddushes. Please note, that a ½ sheet cake costs $65 and ice cream adds $40 to the kiddush costs described above.


3. Catered Kiddush (for a Bat/r Mitzvah, Aufruf or other Large Celebration)

If you are interested in sponsoring a more personalized type of Kiddush, you may certainly engage an outside caterer for your simcha.  The caterer must be approved by Rabbi Sebert. The caterer should also provide the office with a current Kashrut certificate and an Insurance Certificate that names Town & Village Synagogue as an additional insured.  When an outside caterer is used, a Facility Fee of $350 should be added to the cost of the meal. All paper and plastic ware (including table cloths), as well as drinks – should be supplied by the caterer.

Please provide Cheryl with a list and contact info for all vendors involved in your kiddush. This is VERY important as we frequently must follow up.

4. “DIY” Kiddush

As another alternative, for a large life-cycle receptions, you may choose to “Do-It-Yourself” for greatest economy. Please realize that this requires a fair amount of patience and effort on your part and this may not be what you want to do when you’re arranging the bigger event. With this option, you purchase and deliver all food, drink, paper and plastic supplies needed for the Kiddush from an approved shopping list to ensure kashrut.

The catering manager will provide you with information like the quantities of food and other supplies to purchase. Up to 200 guests, the Facility Fee will be $400. Each ten additional guests would increase the fee $10. There would be no tax deduction as there would be with the catered kiddush. Please provide Cheryl with a list and contact info for all vendors involved in your kiddush. This is VERY important as we frequently must follow up.


Other Important Info

1. Estimating the Number of Guests

We suggest that you consult with Cheryl Gross, the synagogue’s catering at simchacatering@tandv.org to help you estimate the number of guests to ensure that enough food has been ordered. Each Shabbat, there are approximately 125 regular attendees, so your guests must be added to that baseline number. If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact her.  She’s happy to help you with any questions.

2. Liquor at Kiddush

Off to the side in the Social Hall, some of us enjoy drinking a L’Chaim at Kiddush (of course, in moderation). All of our spirits are donated to the synagogue or provided by the private caterer. If you would like to have a bottle of liquor at your Kiddush, please deliver it to the synagogue no later than the day before your event.

3. Kiddush Staffing

We reduced the cost of sponsoring Kiddush through economical purchasing practices and removing the staff labor costs (ordinarily included in the Facility Fee) from the Basic and Enhanced Kiddush options. The Catered and “DIY” Kiddushim will still include Facility Fees to cover the labor costs of the kitchen and custodial staff (see the descriptions of these options for the Facility Fee details). Two kitchen staff will work at the Basic Kiddush and Enhanced Kiddush. Additional staff would be needed for larger events. This will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

5. Mazon: A Jewish response to hunger

As a member of Mazon, our synagogue encourages a voluntary contribution of 3% of your catering costs to Mazon to help feed those less fortunate. (Email: mazonmail@mazon.org).

6. Payment

Please submit your Kiddush payment by check to Town & Village Synagogue.  Credit card or Chaverweb payments will not be accepted.  If you engage an outside caterer, please pay the full caterer’s bill (plus Facility Fee) to Town & Village Synagogue (put Kiddush & date in the check’s memo line) and then WE will pay the caterer. This way, you will not be charged sales tax and your payment will be considered a donation to the shul and tax-deductible.

Payment, for all catering options, is due 10 days before the event.

Thank you so much for your support. We deeply appreciate it.

We look forward to hearing from you. Please call us with any questions or concerns.