Other resources

United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism: www.uscj.org

The mission of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism is to strengthen and serve our congregations and their members. We create, develop and disseminate educational, religious and tikun olam programming to meet the needs of our congregations and their members. We seek to create communities of conservative congregations in each of our regions and throughout North America. We work in concert with other institutions and organizations of the Conservative Movement to promote, nurture and foster a vibrant Movement. We are both an advocate and a spokesperson for the congregations of the Conservative Movement. We are dedicated to strengthening the connections between North American Conservative Jews, the Jewish People and the State of Israel.

Metropolitan New York District of the United Syngagogue of Conservative Judaism: http://metny.uscj.org/

METNY promotes the role of the synagogue in Jewish life in order to motivate Conservative Jews to perform mitzvot encompassing ethical behavior, spirituality, Judaic learning, and ritual observance.

Women’s League for Conservative Judasimwww.wlcj.org

The mission of Women’s League for Conservative Judaism is to strengthen and unite synagogue women’s groups and their members; support them in mutual efforts to understand and perpetuate Conservative / Masorti Judaism in the home, synagogue and community; and reinforce their bonds with Israel and with Jews worldwide.

MERCAZ: www.mercazusa.org

MERCAZ USA is the Zionist membership organization of the Conservative Movement, the voice of Conservative Jewry within the World Zionist Organization, the Jewish Agency for Israel, the American Zionist Movement and the Jewish National Fund to support religious pluralism in Israel and strengthen the connection between Israel and the Diaspora.

The Jewish Theological Seminary: www.jtsa.edu

The Jewish Theological Seminary, the intellectual and religious center of Conservative Judaism:
1. serves as the preeminent center for the academic study of Judaica outside of Israel, as one of the preeminent centers world-wide and as a training center for scholars to advance that study;
2. educates Jewish professionals and lay leadership in the spirit of Conservative Judaism for the total community through academic and religious programs, both formal and informal.

Cantor’s Assembly: www.cantors.org

The Cantors Assembly is the largest organization of professional Hazzanim in the world. With offices at the Jewish Theological Seminary and affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, we serve the needs of our members, our congregations and help preserve and enhance the traditions of our people.

KOACH: www.koach.org

KOACH provides college-age students the opportunity to maintain and develop connections to Conservative Judaism. KOACH nurtures a love of Torah, the Jewish people, Israel and God through a variety of activities, including social, religious, educational, cultural and social action programs. We seek to create a passionate Jew who is committed to the future of the Jewish people and the improvement of the world.

National Ramah Commission: www.campramah.org

Rabbinical Assembly: www.rabbinicalassembly.org

The Rabbinical Assembly is the international association of Conservative rabbis. Since its founding in 1901, the Assembly has been the creative force shaping the ideology, programs, and practices of the Conservative movement, and is committed to building and strengthening the totality of Jewish life.

Masorti: www.masorti.org

MASORTI, meaning traditional, is the Hebrew name for the movement of Conservative Judaism in Israel. The Masorti Movement, founded in 1979, is the umbrella organization of Masorti kehillot (congregations), which foster the practice of traditional Judaism among Israeli men and women while embracing modernity. In promoting the combined values of Conservative Judaism, religious tolerance and Zionism, the Movement strives to nurture a healthy, pluralistic, spiritual and ethical foundation for Israeli society.

Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs: www.fjmc.org

The Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs is an organization of approximately 270 Conservative/Masorti Jewish men’s groups consisting of 25,000 individuals across North America and the world.  The FJMC involves Jewish men in Jewish life by building and strengthening Men’s Clubs in the Conservative/Masorti Movement.Our objectives are to train and develop leaders to build and strengthen Men’s Clubs; to create and implement programs to involve men in Jewish life; and to be an active and influential participant in the Conservative/Masorti Movement.


Jewish Coalition for  Service
The mission of the Jewish Coalition for Service is to inspire everyone in the Jewish community to dedicate a part of their lives to full-time, hands-on volunteer service. For more information, please visit  http://www.jewishservice.org/.


Kehillat Netzach Ashkelon

T&V’s Twin Synagogue in Israel. If you have any children going to Israel for 6 months or more, please contact them at www.netzach-israel.org.il.