T&V Talk.2 | Issue #1

Welcome to T&V Talk.2, an online interactive newsletter to help us get to know each other better.

This online version follows in the footsteps of T&V Talk published through the hard work and dedication of Elinor Nauen and Janett Edelberg, whose efforts we acknowledge and hope to emulate.

T&V Talk.2 is an effort to keep members informed about what is going on within the T&V community.  What you will find in this first issue includes:

  • Seasonal News – Feelings about entering the sanctuary the first time, shared to ease the entry on new and prospective members; shopping suggestions to enhance our holiday tables and spiritual suggestions to help prepare our minds and spirits for the coming High Holidays; and finally a hearty welcome to Rabbi Nadia Gold, newly named director of the Youth and Family Program.
  • Building Community – News about two committees working to improve our lives and those of the wider community – T&V Together and the Go Green Task Force
  • Building Connection – a message from Cynthia Weber, President of T&V


T&V Talk.2 is meant to provide a forum and invites member participation. So…

Let us hear from you!!!

Give us your feedback; send us your comments and questions.

  • Want to help with the next issue? T&V Talk.2 is looking for writers, editors, layout talent, and others.
  • Want to send a letter to the editor?
  • Do you have questions we can help answer?

Contact the Editor: susan.abramowitz1@gmail.com


Acknowledgments are due as well to the many volunteers who helped worked on T&V Talk.2.
Issue Contributors:
  • T&V Talk.2 Committee: Issue Contributors: Margaret Liu, Katalena Mermelstein-Knox, Mike Cohn (Columnists); Shelli Aderman and Sylvia Feinman (Copy Editors)
  • Technology Support: Jonathan Yacker
  • Clergy: Cantor Shayna Postman and Rabbi Nadia Gold
  • Committee Representatives: Jackie Berkowitz (T&V Together) and Brian Decker (Go Green Task Force!)