But First, Connect!

“Building Community & Commitment” – Connecting with T&V

Cynthia Weber President

   Commitment is a connection – between you and God, between you and another person. Community builds with multiple connections.  It’s been famously said, “Build it and they will come.”  “Connecting with T&V” is your own Connector Kit to build your community at T&V.

  Below you’ll find just some of the questions answered throughout this guide.  If you find you have a connection question that we have not thought to answer, contact me at president@tandv.org  and together we’ll add to the ways to connect with T&V!

  • Who’s who? And how do I reach them?
  • When are services?
  • How can I participate in services? Request an Aliyah? Read Torah or a Haftarah?
  • How can I connect with other young adults?
  • Who do I talk to about Hebrew school? When does it start?
  • How can I celebrate a simcha? Sponsor a Kiddish?
  • How do I join the Choir?
  • Who do I speak to about conversion?
  • How do I contact Rabbi Sebert in an emergency?


Town & Village Synagogue
334 East 14th Street
New York, NY 10003
212-677-8090 x0 | tandv.org

Rabbi Larry Sebert212-677-8090 x23
*In an emergency,
212-677-8090, press 1
Cantor Shayna Postman212-677-8090 x25cantor@tandv.org
Rabbi Bronwen Mullin,
Rabbinic Artist in Residence and
Director of the Center for Conversion to Judaism
212-677-8090 x26rabbiartist@tandv.org, conversioncenter@tandv.org
Rabbi Nadia Gold,
Director of Youth Education and Family Life
212-677-8090 x24youthandfamily@tandv.org, hebrewschool@tandv.org
Leslie Kallus,
Executive Director
212-677-8090 x20execdirector@tandv.org
T&V Office212-677-8090 x0office@tandv.org
Cynthia Weber,
212-677-8090 x0president@tandv.org


When are Services?

Shabbat and Holidays – Friday evening at 6 pm. Shabbat/Holiday mornings 9:30 am.

  • Kesher and Jr. Congregation – Shabbat mornings, 11 am during the school year.
  • For Holiday evening times, check tandv.org.
  • For dates of ASL (American Sign Language ) interpretation, check with Bram Weiser, bramweiser@gmail.org

Morning Minyan –Weekdays 7:15am; Sunday 9:30 am during the school year, 9:00 am in the summer.

  • For beginning of Summer and for National Holiday times, check tandv.org .


How do I participate in Services?

Sign up to chant a Torah portion?

Sign Up for a Haftarah?

  • Sharon Steinberg, sharonsteinberg@me.com

Request a Shabbat honor?

  • Sharon Steinberg, sharonsteinberg@me.com

Sponsor a Kiddush? Celebrate a Simcha?


How do I Get or Send Messages and Information?

  • Shul News – the weekly newsletter sent by email , includes the Luach
  • Luach – the weekly calendar, distributed on Shabbat and sent by email.
  • What’s Nu? – T&V Calendar and Thank You’s – sent monthly by email
  • One-way listserv – T&V “official” announcements
  • Two-way listserv – for you to reach other T&V members (town-village@uscj.net)


How do I get Online Access to My T&V Account?

T&V’s online database (tandv.org/cw), Chaverweb, has an account for each household. Confirm your account name with the office (office@tandv.org), then use Chaverweb to:

  • Update Contact Information
  • Pay Bills and Check Account
  • Access a Member’s Contact information
  • Sign up and buy tickets for Events
  • Make Donations


How do I Announce or Plan a Life Cycle Event?


What is going on for Children and Families?

  • Early Childhood Programs – Leslie Azose, earlychildhood@tandv.org
  • Challah Tots, Friday mornings, 10 am, earlychildhood@tandv.org
  • Teens – youthandfamily@tandv.org
  • Family Life Programming, youthandfamily@tandv.org
  • Hebrew School – Info, register, schedules, hebrewschool@tandv.org


How do I Participate in the Arts at T&V?


How do I Connect with?


How do I make the world better/participate in Tikkun Olam?


How do I Increase my Jewish Knowledge and Skills?


How do I become a Member? – Leslie Kallus, execdirector@tandv.org

Want to know something else? Ask J Cynthia Weber, president@T&V.org or Leslie Kallus, execdirector@tandv.org