Building Community: What is T&V Together?

How T&V is helping to make our New York City community a better place

Jackie Berkowitz

   T&V Together is the synagogue’s community organizing group. We organize to engage in social justice actions in our community and to build Tikkun Olam, trying to improve the community around us.

Our main objectives include:

  1. Organizing to build a stronger community through “One on One” conversations that enable us to learn more about our members’ special concerns and interests and to identify future leaders.

  3. Identifying issues of community concern and social justice that matter to our members and then working together to achieve these goals.

  5. Participating in Manhattan Together and MetroIAF, interfaith groups comprised of faith groups and other community organizations throughout New York City and beyond to work on common social justice issues.


We are now actively engaged with Manhattan Together in three areas:

  1. The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) – Improving the city’s stock of public housing to guarantee habitable living spaces for thousands of families.  Seeking to create additional affordable housing for seniors by building on vacant city-owned lands on NYCHA property so that seniors can remain within their communities as well as create vacancies in NYCHA developments for new tenants to live there.

  3. Do Not Stand Idly By – Working to reduce gun violence, death, and serious injury and ridding our country of the scourge of illegal firearms.  We urge states and municipalities to require companies supplying guns and ammunition to local police departments to refuse to do business with those gun dealers who are responsible for selling most of the guns that are used in criminal activity.  We are working with gun manufacturers to also refuse to do business with those same gun dealers, and to institute better identifying markers to enable law enforcement to trace firearms used in criminal acts.

  5. Alternatives to Incarceration – especially for those suffering from mental health disabilities.  We support treatment and alternatives to jail for those caught up in the criminal justice system due to mental disabilities.


   Every member of the synagogue community is welcome to join us in our efforts, and to bring family and friends who also want to get involved.  We seek individuals to join us on the above mentioned issues, and to bring additional ideas about other matters that are important to them.

   Our next scheduled meeting will be: Wednesday evening, October 24, 2018 at 7:00 pm, location: T&V. We will be setting priorities for the coming year and hope to have a training session for “One on Ones” with synagogue members. We are assisted in this work with organizers who are affiliated with MetroIAF

   If you have an interest in getting involved, please contact Jackie Berkowitz at