Cantor’s Corner (& resources for more learning)

Welcome to the Cantor’s Corner!

Photo credit: Scott Newirth/17th to the 6th Media

 Music evokes emotion, memory and even time. In the  context of prayer and ritual, music not only brings us  closer to each other, but also allows us to become part  of the continuum of Jewish tradition extending from  our ancestors to the next generations. It helps deepen  our prayer, our relationships to each other, and  our relationship to God as few other things can. As in so many areas of ritual and tradition, music helps us create order and may fill us with a sense of peace and comfort in a world that is often chaotic. Through melody and harmony we can express ourselves, whether in family melodies, community melodies, chant, traditional, contemporary… we embrace our music, and value the relationships we build when we share these melodies, singing together and breathing together.

I share ritual resources on this page, and invite you to suggest posts that you would find helpful. Feel free to stay in touch with me at with any suggestions or questions.

1) mp3 recording of Aliyah Blessings

2) How to chant the Aliyah Blessings

Aliyah Blessings (Instructive)

3) Torah Trop pdf

4) High Holiday Torah Trop pdf

5) Haftarah Trop pdf

6) Megillat Esther Trop (The Book of Esther) pdf

7) Megillat Eicha Trop (Lamentations)pdf

8) 3 Festivals Megillot Trop (Ruth, Song of Songs, Ecclisiastes) pdf

Click here for a learning recording of Birkat HaMazon (Grace After Meals):